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The Birth of Our Nation

by Richard S. Imus & David A. Imus on 03/24/13

The birth of our nation is no less important than the spirit that went out from it.  The prayers that were uttered by many in silence and in choir during the darkest hours of our nation’s beginnings wring in the hearts of who listen today when in prayer, spirit and love of country.  Liberty and freedom at such great a price bestowed upon generations yet unborn to light the path of a future yet untold.  Only God knows what purpose He chose for a nation bowed to His love obeyed. 

At times we lose hope or strain in our countenance, but the prayers and promises that God will yet bless us if we bow to His will.  God promised our forefathers from His words they believed from the bargaining of Abraham if yet there be ten that believe.   Our redeemer is greater than any such foe that might try to take our spirits low.  Remember the words uttered by a man encouraging others on in birthing our nation with such great a love.  His words can be heard in true hearts that understand, “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” a crescendo of love. 

The Bill of Rights would soon follow giving us purpose to follow.  These rights that are only endowed by our creator, i.e. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Nothing makes the creator more delighted than His children using their liberty to give their lives to Him and He making their paths full of purpose that brings happiness.   Our forefathers knew this to be true and were willing to die for me and you. 

Today give thanks, love your neighbor, give a word of encouragement, and love someone who maybe may not want your love but give it anyway.  Pray for our president, for congress, for your sons and daughters, for our enemies.  Pray that God will remember His promises made to our forefathers of our nation that were uttered in secret and in chorus.  And most of all remember that God loves you.

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