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Septic Tank Pumping

Generally septic systems consists of three main parts: Tank | Distribution Box | Leach Field

The Septic Tank

The septic tank usually has two chambers, and its sole purpose is to separate and break-down waste.  It allows solids that won't dissolve to fall to the bottom (the "sludge" layer), while the floating wastes & bacteria move to the top (the "scum" layer), so the middle layer (mostly liquid) can flow through a hole with a filter and on to the next component.

During its journey through the septic tank, about 95% of human waste and toilet paper will be broken down and turned to liquid and sent to the distribution box. The other 5% is a tarry sludge that settles to the bottom of the tank. 

The sludge layer will build up over time and should be pumped out every 3 - 4 years. Otherwise there will be less room for wastewater to separate and break down, which means it will move through the tank too quickly, and start clogging the leach field with sludge. This eventually ruins the system if left unchecked, and is an expensive repair.

​Distribution Box

The second component is the distribution box. It sits between the septic tank and leach field to help ensure that separated wastewater is evenly sent to each leach field chamber, so as not to overload any one.

​Leach Field

The leach field is a series of chambers with open bottoms that provide enough surface area for the separated waste water to come into contact with the ground and "leach" through it, allowing soil and microbes to remove and break-down those ingredients which we don't want to enter our water table.

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Septic System Repairs

Are you having Septic System Problems?

Are you suffering from a septic system backing up? 

Are foul odors permeating your home? 

Is there a sewage swamp in your yard where your septic tank is buried?

Is greener grass growing from your leach field area?

If you are having issues with your system, call David Imus owner of Septic Savers and explain the symptoms. You can rely on his 25+ years of experience to diagnose the trouble. David will provide more information on possible causes, and then if necessary, visit your home and inspect your system. If there is a problem that requires action, you'll receive a free quote for repairs or replacement.

Septic Savers
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* Free Estimates are given over the phone.  Visits to the home or commercial site will have a minimum charge.
If you suspect your type of septic system is failing or not working properly, contact one of your local septic repair services to confirm the location and possible cause of the failure. After your septic inspections are complete they will also propose a repair solution. This is always is the best form of action and the smartest method.
What to do if you think your septic system is not working
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